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Feb 7, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> live from the studios of dw here in berlin, this is." >> -- this is the "journal." welcome. >> european leaders at loggerheads over the new budget. >> credit unit -- a general strike in tunisia as anger grows over the assassination of one of the nation's boldest critics. >> an unsettling report outlining doping across sports. the battle of the budget in brussels in shaping up to be very much a north/south confrontation with europe's rich northern countries calling for a further deep spending cuts. >> but in the south, countries like greece and spain say four years of austerity are enough. they are calling for spending to be eased to spur growth and create jobs. >> after it failed budget summit in november, stakes are high this time around for some kind of deal. >> british prime minister david cameron wants the eu to mend what he sees as its wasteful ways. he made his point by arriving on foot, not in a chauffeur-driven limousine. he went into the talks in a bullish mood. >> the numbers that were put forward were much too high. they need to come down, and if they do not, a t
Feb 4, 2013 6:30pm PST
live from berlin, this is "the journal." >> these are the top stories at this hour. >> european police snapped a crime ring. >> is scandal in a record unemployment. the prime minister bring plenty of troubles. >> the oecb recognizing that germany does more to recruit non-immigrant workers. captioned by the national captioning institute >> it is being called the biggest match? -- match-fixing scandal. they have found a ring that has fixed games including the world cup finals. they took cash prizes to fix the games. >> the names will not be released until the investigation proceeds. it does include top matches in several european countries as well as two champions. >> european anti-crime agency interpol says the evidence hundreds of soccer matches were fixed between 2008-2011. they were600 people are implicad they cashed in about 800 million euro in illegal bets. >> this is fixing activity on a scale we have not seen before involving hundreds of criminals and players. this is generating very large amounts of illicit profits. >> the global scale was run out of si
Feb 15, 2013 5:30am PST
playing the piano. showcasing work at the berlin film festival. this is in contrast with the rest of journey, where many women are unable to get work because of childcare. . >> the berlin film festival, i berlin itself, has always had a reputation for being edgy and different. for filmmakers like stacy, that is good news. >> all the other filmmakers i know also feel that way. if they are making cutting edge or edgy material, they are interested in going to berlin. interested in going to berlin.
Feb 14, 2013 6:30pm PST
here again real soon. god bless. >> live from berlin, this is the "journal" here on dw. >> our top stories this hour -- the horse meat scandal spreads to germany as france says one company may be to blame. >> an olympic athlete charged with murder after his girlfriend is shot dead -- found shot dead at his home. >> and mobilizing 1 billion people -. a french protesting company is in the spotlight after the horse meat scandal sweeping europe. the government in paris has accused a firm of knowingly selling horse meat as beef. the company denies that allegation. >> french authorities have been investigating the complex supply chains that ended with be processed meals being tainted with horse meat. so far, the scandal has been treated as an issue of fraud rather than public health, but in britain, officials say a potentially dangerous horse drug might have entered the food chain. >> meanwhile, the scandal has reached germany, too. >> more german supermarkets have pulled products suspected of containing horse meat as the scandal spreads throughout germany. it is still unclear who is res
Feb 15, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> you are watching dw in berlin. this is." >> these are our top stories of the hour -- today, the universe came to pay a visit. a meteor shower and asteroid near miss in the space of 24 hours. >> corp. for paralympic superstar oscar pistorius, who denies killing his goal friend. -- this is the "journal." >> call it a cosmic coincidence -- a media blast over the skies had -- just hours after a very close flyby on a much bigger asteroid. >> that asteroid is due to fly past the earth in a matter of minutes. more and that in a moment, but first, to the events of russia. the media or was first spotted at around 9:20 a.m. local time. russia's academy of science said it into the atmosphere at a speed of over 50,000 kilometers per hour and then shattered into pieces. >> the media is thought to have been just about two meters across, but that was enough to cause a massive sonic boom, and it was far from harmless. hundreds of people were injured, most of them by shattering glass. >> a rare moment caught on camera -- don turned to daylight as the media or into the earth's atmosphere wit
Feb 5, 2013 2:00am PST
of germany or who has been to berlin -- >> everyone has a connection to germany or has been to berlin. >> david bowie also sings about berlin on his most recent album. german products are growing more popular. more and more cars made in germany can be found on the island, and brits are slaking their thirst with german beer. a call the magazine is even dedicating its next issue to the topic of germany -- a colt magazine -- a cult magazine. the exciting creative atmosphere in the german capital berlin. >> there's a bit of a change happening when you go to germany now. germans are much more at ease with themselves, and i think also for the world, the world needs germany, so germany has a good economic model, a good cultural model, and we are trying to be a bit more encouraging to germany, saying, "it is time to tell the world who you are and show what you are good at." >> it is cross-cultural promotion. >> people laugh about the culture come think they are reserved and cold and rigid and have no personality, but i think they are wrong. >> they are working to open a second location in eas
Feb 16, 2013 2:00pm PST
and the winner is, we'll be live from the berlin film festival with news of who's got the golden bear. thank you for joining us. a bomb targeting people shopping for vegetables has once again highlighted pakistan's deep sectarian tension. at least 60 have been killed in an explosion in the southwestern city of quetta. more than 200 were injured when a bomb exploded outside a market. police say it was aimed at the region's minority shia population. attacks in quetta have killed more than 200 in the past month. we have the latest from islamabad. what more do we know about this attack? >> hi, barbara. what we know is that this bomb, which went off in this market was very powerful bomb. it was an improvised explosive device and more than 60 people were killed and well over 200 people were injured. this attack, of course, comes only five weeks after another major attack, pakistan's worst ever sectarian attack in which close to 100 people were also killed in a similar bombing. the people targeted in that attack and this at
Feb 5, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> hello and welcome to the "journal" coming to you live from dw here in berlin. >> here's what's coming up in the next half-hour -- a meeting in brussels debates the future of mali. >> britain's parliament votes on a same-sex marriage fell in a debate which threatens to split the conservative party. >> and the dangers of cyber- bullying. how one group is trying to teach young people to avoid becoming a victim of bullying online. we begin this program in mali where secular toric forces -- tuareg forces say they have taken hold of the last segment held by rebel forces. >> those mnla fighters told reporters that islamists had abandoned the area. the rebel group began a separatist insurgency in the north of mali last year. it was later hijacked by al qaeda-linked islamists. >> we are joined live from mali by our correspondent. could we say this is the end of the islamic threat or the beginning of a protracted guerrilla war? >> it is difficult to say because although the french, malian an dnow tuareg soldiers have taken population centers, aide from the few militants that have been
Feb 6, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> welcome to the "journal" coming to you live from dw here in berlin. >> here's what's coming up in the next half hour -- them of political unrest in tunisia after a leading secular politician is assassinated in front of his home. >> the german education minister is stripped of her document for playing it -- her doctorate for plagiarism, and the opposition calls for her resignation. >> the political crisis in tunisian deepened dramatically tonight following the assassination of a top opposition leader and the violent unrest that has followed in the wake of his killing. troops have been deployed in a number of locations to restore order. >> the killing of the prominent secular politician has sparked protests across the country. supporters flooded the streets of tunis and other cities. there are reports of barricades being erected in clashes with police. >> news of the assassination sparked protests in several tunisian cities. in the capital, thousands of angry protesters followed the ambulance carrying belaid's body. many blame the islamists, an accusation the party denies. >> peo
Feb 8, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> live from the studios of dw here in berlin, this is the "journal." >> here's what's coming up on the show -- after grueling marathon negotiations, the eu agrees on a budget bill that for the first time sees a cut in spending. >> street battles in tunisia following the funeral of the slain opposition leader chokri belaid. >> millions are in asia heading home to celebrate the year of the snake. for the first time in the history of the european union, the long-term budget will be cut. 27 eu leaders meeting in brussels have agreed to a final budget during a second summit arranged especially to do so. we will go live to brussels for the latest in just a moment. >> that's right -- the drastically reduced seven-year budget is worth 959 billion euros and was hammered out after two days of nearly round-the- clock negotiations and is far less than the just over $1 trillion euros -- and the one trillion euros the commission chancellor angela merkel went into the talks saying she was confident the agreement would be reached. in the end, the 27 member states came up with a compromise that
Feb 13, 2013 6:30pm PST
's basilica in rome. >> and the movie "night train to lisbon" has its world premiere at the berlin film festival. president barack obama says the american economy has made important progress, but there is still a long way to go. he delivered the annual state of the union address in washington last night and urged americans to help jump-start the country's sluggish -- sluggish economy. >> pushing hard for a special economy would significant job growth. that looks like the message obama plans to hammer home time and time again during his time in office. >> presidents also touched on foreign policy, praising u.s. soldiers stationed in afghanistan and promising them a speedy return home. >> the president of the united states. [applause] >> it is a washington ritual, long applause, handshakes, and hugs on both sides of the aisle. in his speech, obama focused clearly on domestic issues, among them, raising the minimum wage, reforming immigration, and modernizing the education system. he also address america's political third rail -- gun control. the president promised survivors of gun control
Feb 26, 2013 6:30pm PST
on a visit to germany. >> and a step closer to bundesliga. berlin get an important win. and that italy faces political deadlock after the country's national elections produced no clear winner. no single party was able to secure a majority in both houses of parliament. >> the center-left candidate is claiming a narrow victory, but it is not enough for him to build a government. >> former prime minister silvio berlusconi came in a close second. coalition talks are under way, but many italians are unsure they will produce a stable government. >> italian voters have elected new representatives, but where does that leave the country? newspaper headlines are skating. one reads -- the only winner is ungovernability. there's already talk of free elections. >> i do not know what to say. i think we voters are being taken for a ride. >> i have no idea what will happen now. they will reach some kind of decision. everything is in the hands of four or five people again. they just do what they want. >> italy's political landscape is in turmoil. the central left coalition won the lower house by a blister, b
Feb 9, 2013 6:00am PST
for the first time. and at the berlin film festival, a screening for promised land starring matt damon. emergency services are on alert along the east coast of the united states. a massive blissrd has knocked out power to more than half a million households and led to the shutdown of at least one nuclear plant. massachusetts officials have urged people to avoid unnecessary travel. the governor has issued a driving ban to keep roads free for rescue and clearing vehicles. meteorologists gave plenty of warning but the storm has dumped so much snow people are still struggling to cope. >> new york's la guarda was only one of many airports that were badly hit with thousands of flights canceled. day-to-day life has all but ground to a halt on the east coast. >> i'm going to declare a state of emergency east coastive this afternoon. which gives the state more flexibility and local governments more flexibility in dealing with this situation. >> in some places, snow has been falling at a rate of 10 centimeters an hour. millions of residents have been told to stay home. hundreds of thousands of p
Feb 23, 2013 10:00am EST
photographs division. thank you so much. dinah berlin from getty publications was the editor of this book and had such a creative and kind hand and brilliant hand in shaping this, and i want to make sure to name her. and though he's no longer with getty publications, greg britain who was there, first green-lit the project and set us on our way. so deep thank yous. and, certainly, to brigitte freed, you know, you've shared so much with me in terms of your wisdom, allowing me to try to do my part to or carry forward leonard's legacy, and i thank you deeply for this opportunity. so leonard freed's 1963 march on washington photographs are among his most elegant and animated of a large body of civil rights-era photography which fueled freed's 1967, '68 photo text "black and white america." this work as a whole captures the prevalence of racial division in america, the decade following the 1954 legal mandate to end segregation, leading up to and through the landmark civil rights legislation of the mid '60s. four of the photographs from the march on washington were included in this book, includi
Feb 1, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> live from the berlin studios of dw, this is the "journal." >> with syria and mali in focus, world leaders convene for the munich conference. >> criticism in front of the presidential palace. >> it has become the byword for organized -- [no audio] -- celebrates its 100th birthday. thanks for joining us. international leaders are gathering in bavaria for the annual munich security conference. the german defense minister opened the conference by focusing on the current conflicts in syria and moly -- mali and emphasizing the importance of ongoing cooperation between europe and the united states. them in the united nations has been gridlocked over syria for months, and often, these occasions provide a more informal opportunity for an exchange of ideas. one of the most prominent speakers will be vice president joe biden of the u.s., and he stopped off in berlin on the way to the meeting. >> the u.s. vice-president peter were when visit to the german capital and his first to the german chancellery. he held an equally brief press conference after talks with chancellor merkel, givin
Feb 12, 2013 6:30pm PST
>> welcome to the "journal" coming to from dw in berlin. >> our top story this hour -- the united nations condemns north korea as a threat to international peace after they conducted another nuclear test. speculation grows over who might be pope benedict xvi's successor after he steps down later this month. >> today is red hand day, highlighting the plight of child soldiers around the world. north korea says it will not bowed to international pressure to end its nuclear program. the country carry out its third nuclear test on tuesday, breaking u.n. resolutions, and for their actions could still be to come. >> p'yongyang says the test is an act of self-defense against what it calls hostility from the united states, but the move was only served to increase its isolation from the rest of the world. washington has confirmed north korea had told the u.s. government about the test beforehand. and even china, north korea's sole ally, has urged pyongyang to stop before it makes matters worse. >> tensions are high in south korea. protesters denounced north korea's nuclear tests. north kore
Feb 18, 2013 6:30pm PST
rivals lufthansa and air berlin are under pressure to increase profits because they're expecting a higher this year. the german market also takes a step forward, but u.s. markets are closed because of a holiday. draghi and others in focus of the economy recovering. the german recovery in a modest pace. >> the dax finished up by nearly .5%. eurostoxx 50 up just a bit. the euro trading slightly higher, $1.3350. venezuelan president hugo chavez has made a surprising return of from cuba where he had another surgery for cancer and treatment. but she had not been seen since undergoing a fourth operation last december. his supporters turned out in numbers to welcome him back home. >> celebration on the streets of caracas. they're coming out to show their joy of the president's return. >> welcome back to venezuela. >> we love you. there is an entire population and that will support new always. >> it to the speculation to rest, he released these pictures showing him with his daughters. he appears alert and in good spirits. they broadcast messages from members of the government will commingle leade
Feb 25, 2013 6:30pm PST
internet. he is against the euro and the austerity measures coming from brussels and berlin. he's a very popular man, but he is no politician. he says he does not want to go to parliament, just to protest. >> the other big issue is sylvia burlesconi picking up a lot of support in recent weeks. what should we take away from that box >> burlesconi is also a winner in this election. in only four weeks, he double its share in the popular vote. a spokesman of his party says he is back. burlesconi is back in the ring and this will not be the last election burlesconi is there, but he will now run for office. he is still pulling the strings behind the scenes. >> dan, thank you for the report. >> from rahm out of brussels where nina has more on what all this means for europe. there has been a lot of concern about the vote in italy and what it means for the eu debt crisis. what does brussels make of the vote so far? is austerity out? >> there are no official comment yet, but you can rest assured that everyone is watching very closely. brussels has been very concerned and worried about the potentia
Feb 27, 2013 6:30pm PST
art. >> you are watching the "journal" from berlin. >> these are our top stories -- pope benedict bids farewell to huge crowds the day before he formally steps down as leader of the italian catholic church. >> the italian prime minister cancels an appointment with germany's main opposition candidate. >> in german soccer, dortmund prepared to defend their title against high-flying bayern munich. it seemed that the lord was sleeping -- that was today's emotional farewell message from pope benedict xvi as he acknowledged the rough seas that marked his time as head of the catholic church. >> it was his final public address before retiring, speaking to pins -- tens of thousands of faithful, he referred to the struggles enjoy of his papacy. >> we will be going live to rome in a moment to get more detail on the speech, but first, a closer look, and the momentous day for catholics around the world. >> a final farewell to the faithful -- people flocked to the vatican to bid goodbye to " benedict, both as the head of the catholic church and as a bishop in rome. the pope took his time. this vehic
Feb 23, 2013 5:30pm PST
this past week. berlin the bear. appeared to have a grand old time frolicking around in the snow like a puppy. berlin is being housed at a zoo in kansas city because her normal home in duluth is flooded. >>> from the music world a sad note to report about the passing of a one-time member of the temptations. ♪ >> otis harris sang the lead on the 1972 hit "papa was a rolling stone." he was the youngest member of the group, auditioning when he was just 21 years old. he earned three grammy awards with the temptations before leaving the group in 1975. his family tells us wilson died earlier this week after a long battle with prostate cancer. he was 62. >>> up next here tonight, why the hit songs of today owe more to youtube than ever before. >>> "billboard" will shake things up in an effort to accommodate hits that explode on new media. the billboard "hot 100," the magazine's legendary singles chart, will now include the number of clicks a song gets on youtube as part of its formula. katy tur has more tonight. >> reporter: no doubt you've heard it. and seen it. again. and again. if you h
Feb 16, 2013 6:00am PST
the world's number 39 is again through to the semis. an atp tournament. >> and the 63rd berlin film festival is drawing to a close and the injury herself mates us to stay home and watch the gold and bear. well there are those battling it out. let's see which fellows are tipped as favorites to take the parts of some of the fighters. >> from nicolas cage to french film icon to julian definitelien and ethan hawke. now it's occupy to the people to pick the winners. >> her role in "gloria." the film steals story of a woman in her late 50's divorced and in search of romance. the budding romance forces her to confront her own dark secrets. bazaars among the favorites for best actress. in "closed curtain" a man has locked himself in a sea decide villa in iran hiding himself and his dog from police. >> the animal is deemed unclean by the islamist government and there's a leading role defining the iranian government's ban on his filmmaking. the music has a closet phobic feel reflecting his own house arrest. co-director brought the film to berlin. no matter what the injury decides, "closed curtain" has
Feb 18, 2013 8:30am EST
anybody's wildest dreams, in 1989 when the berlin wall came down, the cold war ended, the soviet union broke up. >> but as threats to member nations subsided, nato shifted its focus toward helping non-members procure the same freedoms nato states enjoyed. >> after the end of cold war, nato contributed the framework for transition in europe and we have given access to former communist dictatorships and today they are highly valued allies within nato. i think these are the great achievements of nato during our more than 60-years history. >> that's when nato 2.0 started. a nato that wanted to do for eastern europe and central europe what nato had done for western europe, to provide a platform and a basis for a democratization for building up the economic vitality and capitalist systems that we saw occur over the last 20 years for countries like poland, and the czech republic, and hungary, and then the baltic states, and romania, and bulgaria. and even croatia and albania became vibrant places of western democracy of, of market economics and nato members. >> if you look down from mars on
Feb 17, 2013 8:00pm EST
in the building because i don't want to run berlin. i had steadied divided berlin. i don't want to do that. it would be terrible. but in the end, that is what we got, berlin. my office is one area. the foundation is looking very far from us. relations get very tense and cool. as i said, the shutdown of funding for the library. >> are they required to fund anything? >> i am not a lawyer, but let me put it this way. in the transfer agreement, one of their objectives is supposed to be assisting the library, but there's no set amount that they're supposed to provide a will tell you, when i started, they promised a two hundred $50,000 a year for public programming. that never happened. it a very tense. >> one is -- when was it the most tense and why? >> it didn't take that long. a lot of the fights were actually over little things. they were supposed to setup assistance. when you are a federal museum, you're supposed to maintain certain levels of humidity and temperature control. with the had purchased for the museum was not good enough. they knew they were supposed to fix that. they wouldn't.
Feb 4, 2013 4:00am EST
in berlin. this ahead of parliament talks. this comes amid a corruption scandal at home that has called widespread calls for his resignation. he came out on saturday and vehemently denied receiving any payments. have you been following this story? >> how can i not? >> what does it mean for the political instability now? >> the question is, what's the truth? we'll see rajoy's tax documents come out later this week. there is clearly a problem here. we have one senior member of the party and the significant investigation. if rajoy is removed, what is the alternative? would we go into a general election and would that alter the economic positions that spain finds itself in? some will argue it would because they don't -- take it on board, introduce the external controls and if you like wrap up the situation. so there's a bull argument within the bear argument. >> where do you fall on that spectrum? >> i think it's going to be business as usual from a political point of view. >> and do you like your investments here? >> yes, i do. >> at what point do you start to take profit? >> i think the c
Feb 10, 2013 5:00pm EST
and 20 times and he wrote to follow the berlin while the revolutionary legacy of 1989, published by oxford university press in 2009. obviously a mission that the bush school, but it we know he's doing well asset me. i would now like to suggest are going to have a reintroduction to dr. jeff said are you coming up on stage. before he brings his earmarks were going to see a video and this is a pretty significant video because its video in president bush's own words and it chronicles the events following the invasion of kuwait. i would take you now to pay attention to this video and after it's over, we'll have just single, contact to us. thank you very much. [applause] >> in the early-morning hours of august at akkad, following negotiations and promises iraq's dictator, saddam hussein not to use force, a powerful iraqi army invaded it stressed and much weaker neighbor, kuwait. within three days, 120,000 iraqi troops with 850 tanks have poured into kuwait and moved south to threaten saudi arabia. >> in my direction, elements of the 82nd airborne division as well as key units are juicy
Feb 7, 2013 11:00pm PST
was the fall of the berlin wall. before it came down we were sneaking in across the border, going across as tourts a so , smuggling cameras in, then going to illegal demonstrations and clandestine meetings and interviewing dissidents then you had to get the videotapes, we were using little onesing back across the border, i have to tell you coming through check point charlie at night in the rain with videotape in your underwear t is a real la caresque kind of romance. i got to say it was fun t was fun. >> rose: how fast was your heart beating at that moment. >> faster than it wants to beat now, coy tell you, it was good. >> rose: you stayed at cbs all these years. >> yes, i have. >> rose: 33 years. because it rreses someing your are you just comfortable there? >> kbot. over the course of my career si have had offers from the other networks. and it never occurred to me to take them because of what cbs is. it's a cliche but it is the network of edward r. murrow. when i started it was still owned by the man who wanted, william pailly without wanted it to be the tiffany network and there's a
Feb 26, 2013 6:00pm EST
counterpart in berlin. they discussed the civil war in syria and about how to implement the so-called geneva agreement. he is on a nine-day swing through europe and the middle east. >> the court-martials going forward. a military judge denied the defense request to drop the case against bradley manning. he is accused of funneling classified documents to wikileaks. he has been behind bars for nearly three years. the judge ruled that his case is complicated and prosecutors did not drag their feet. >> people in sanford are marking the first anniversary of the shooting of trayvon martin. martin was shot and killed february 26 last year his admitted shooter claimed self- defense and he invoked the controversial stand your ground law. cement is on trial for second- degree murder. -- a zimmerman is on trial for second-degree murder. >> this is over plans to build a 220 room luxury hotel. the plan was approved last night, but critics say the hotel could cause some significant problems. >> an historic church in the heart of adams morgan, the conservation of banded it decades ago. it looks like it has
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 309 (some duplicates have been removed)